FilipinoCupid Review

FilipinoCupid Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 93%
Popular age 24-28
Beauty 75%
Profiles 350 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The sign-up process is easy and quick;
  • The security measures are very high;
  • The layout is easy to navigate;
  • There are millions of online users, and this makes a date more possible for everyone.
  • There are a lot of scammers;
  • Profiles get blocked easily.

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How Does FilipinoCupid Work?

FilipinoCupid was born as a decent dating website, with all the usual dating core features. There’s a chat, a profiles’ search engine, a personal profile’s section, and not that much more. A considerable plus which makes FilipinoCupid stand out of the crowd is the ethnicity: here you will find millions of Filipino girls, and guys (a little more women than men, to be honest).

That’s not a long way to go, from America to the Philippines, and you can afford ii when needed. That’s our take, so we encourage you to give this website a chance.

Let’s see more in detail how it works.

Sign-Up & Login Process

FilipinoCupid Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process is so comfortable you won’t even notice that you are in. The only issue it may occur is the profile block. If the website thinks that you are either a bot or a fake user, they will freeze your account before getting started, and you will need to send them your official ID to unblock everything.

In a few words, you have to tell them the truth about yourself. They are not asking all your personal life, but they need to know who they are letting in, so to get that, you are not involved in something bad.

Now, go for the “sign-up” button on the top right of the screen. Avoid the fantastic glance of the Filipino girls on the main page. See the “new member” tab? Go for it.

It’s time for you to choose a username and a safe password. Then, you will need to tell your gender, sexual preference, and birthday.

Please note that they may take 48 hours to verify your profile.

Profile Interface

Click on a user’s profile, and all the fields you have filled in before will appear. You can edit your profile as many times as you want, but always make sure that everything is decent or freeze your profile.

You can find a lot of useful tips on how to make a good description of yourself.

One last thing about profiles: many users’ reviews complain about people creating multiple users’ profiles. Those people start talking with you with a profile, they make you think that they are trust-worthy, and then they will ask you money. Let’s not claim they are real scammers, because if they are asking you money, they sometimes need cash, and you are free to deny and go on. But, if you check their profiles, you will notice that they are taking photos from other users’ profiles. Either they have a tween, or they are trying to take your money and someone else’s.


There are not real matches occurring on FilipinoCupid. It’s not like Tinder, where you swipe, and if the other person swipes you back, a match occurs, and you can chat.

Here, the machine works for you to create potential matches. Are you able to correct them? It depends. You can’t tell the machine if the last suggestions were right.

It performs a task, and either you accept it or not. You can still select every profile which appears as a search result, or within your homepage. How can you chat with them? You can chat if you are a Gold member, but unfortunately, you can’t talk to free members.

You will be allowed to chat with everyone only by availing of Platinum membership.

As a free member, you can take a glance.

Members Structure and Activities

FilipinoCupid Members Structure and Activities

There will be far more US people than Filipino ones. Then, the vast majority of girls are young, and a lot of them show a nice photo.

Maybe there are some professionals, even. Some of them really look like escorts, and users complain about extra “services” they were asked to pay for.

By the way, there are millions of users online, so feel free to avoid whoever is annoying you, and to report it to the website’s owners eventually.

Users Age

Men are mainly in their 40th and women in their 20th. Some members are looking under-aged while declaring to be 18 or more. We can’t tell because they have not provided their official IDs to us, but we recommend you ask the webmasters for further controls if you suspect anything.

You can’t technically sign-up if you are less than 18, but skilled people know how to circumvent them easily.

Sexual Preferences

The vast majority of people here are straight, but there’s also a slight presence of homosexuals, especially guys. If you are a homosexual person, this might not be the right place for you. But you can still give it a chance.

Race and Ethnicity

It sometimes happens that what’s written within the name domain in branded websites is only valid for men. So, Filipinobeauty helps you as a man, finding Filipino women. African beauty, the same. Name it; it will work like that. So, let’s say this: it will be easier to find a mate if you look for Filipino girls. That’s the whole purpose of the website.

If you are Filipino, it will be easier if you are a girl, but don’t even try to scam people or act like a robot, or your profile may be immediately frozen. Then, you will need to upload your official passport, or driver’s license, or ID.

Religious Orientation

Not all people are declaring their religious orientation. Let’s say that we have spotted a lot of Christians. Our usual recommendation if you are church or mosque guy is, go for Christian or Muslim environments.

You will find more like-minded people for sure, and you will likely avoid risks of obscene unwanted content, or nudity, or immodesty.

FilipinoCupid Dating Website Features

FilipinoCupid Dating Website Features

Here’s all that you can do within FilipinoCupid: you can search for users from the main purple toolbar. Have you already spotted and used it? Use that to surf the. You can go for a popular search and see what the majority of the users are looking for.

Or, you can browse people using the advanced search parameters to narrow your research. Those will help you select, for example, only people living in the Filipino town you are going this weekend, or only athletic guys, just to mention some of the filters.

It creates a funnel and will apply it to the images and profiles you will get within the main page. So, make sure they are accurate and that you are not lowering your standards! Then, you can chat and save people in a sort of “remember me” list. You can see them whenever you like, and also have a chat, say hello, and whatever you would like to.

One last feature is the extra section. It’s a sort of news feed, very common in that kind of website, working primarily with experts’ advice. Here you will find useful tips on how to avoid online scams and how to detect them before it’s too late.

Safety & Security

FilipinoCupid Safety & Security

The privacy policy is average, as the website is regularly selling your data to third parties. Like all the other social networks and dating websites do, but we assure you that your name and credit card details won’t be within that selling. They call them “aggregated data.”

That’s how they make a living out of dating websites and social networks.

About online safety, a look at the website shows us that developers have been working on it. They use McAfee as an anti-virus and online security provider. Take your precautions to avoid any virus or leak from your side, and they will do their best.

If you are wondering about scammers as we have mentioned before, there are a lot of them. You can’t do anything about it, no matter how many times you report suspicious activity to the webmaster. It’s impossible to get rid of online cons.

The fact that a free user can’t contact anybody makes only the wealthy users stay. Also, this creates a social discrepancy between those who have money and those who don’t.

To be completely straightforward, if a person from a rich country meets a poor unknown person from a pretty poor country, it’s an unbalanced starting point. We can perfectly understand why a lot of American users complain about Filipino scammers, especially girls.

You will also find users’ reviews from females who complain about perverts asking for their nude photos, so it’s no one’s fault. Again, you will need to take your own precautions.

Is FilipinoCupid Scam or Legit Service?

As you may have guessed reading this review so far, we consider FilipinoCupid legit. They can’t possibly grant you that you will get a date, or a hookup, or nude pictures. You can’t buy happiness, someone said. It’s like a coaching session. After all, you pay for a service, but you are not totally sure you will manage to get rid of your ghosts.

Here, you get the service you pay to get quality in communication service and a polished environment. What else? You get working features and a clear layout.

Ok, well, maybe not all the users they claim are online, but they have subscribed, after all. So the count is not totally skewed. And, you can check this yourself before paying for a subscription. You may not like the members and the interface—we can’t do much about it. It is the free world and all that you need to do. FilipinoCupid is not a scam.

Subscription Types and Price

Now and then, some burglaries will make you feel less and less secure. You’ll start locking things up and losing trust towards people around you. A scammer may eventually appear who tries to fake identity. He mentions only false events; he makes everything look bad. He tries to get paid for “services” you have not required. So, the trust is losing, but you are also more aware than you were at the start.

Promptly, the safe space where everyone could go around is ruined, and the government comes up trying to replace the safe free environment you had at the beginning with a paid one.

Well, now it’s time to tell you more about the memberships on FilipinoCupid.

Free Membership

You can sign-in and create your profile for free. You can edit your profile, as well. Basically, that’s it. You can also browse users to get an idea of who’s online, but you can’t chat with them, so how can you understand if you are like-minded, or if you will have some common ground or whatever?

Let’s say that free membership is good if you are really handsome and hot, and you expect a Platinum member to say hello to you first. He/She will be the one paying for your conversation.

Are you unsure about how much good-looking you are? You have two chances either you go to the gym and work on the makeup or go for a Platinum membership.

There is a Gold membership. With a Gold membership, you can search for users with all the advanced search parameters on, and you can go to a person’s profile without being tracked.

Then, more important, you will be able to send and receive messages! No more ads to annoy you during your ebony journey; that’s a given.

The Gold membership’s prices are 29,98$/1 month, or 59,99$/3 months, or 119,98$/1 year.

Then the second one, the Platinum membership by that, you will get more visibility, and you will showcase yourself at best. For instance, you will be ranked above other members when people perform research. It means something if you consider that there are several million users online. Finally, you will be able to contact free members.

You can buy a Platinum membership for 34,99$/1 month, 69,98$/3 months, 149,99$/12 months.

Website Design and Usability

FilipinoCupid Website Design and Usability

FilipinoCupid has a cutting-edge and working layout. It is an excellent feature they carry, indeed. The company seems to care a lot about having a modern design, and they are strongly committed to users’ security online.

The usability is pretty high, as you understand immediately where everything is, and how the features work. You will also easily get how to interact with other people.

Ok, maybe it will take you a little more time if you are not a digital-native, but no big deal, we assure you that they are user-friendly enough for everyone’s needs.

Mobile Application

FilipinoCupid Mobile Application

Write your Filipino love story in just a few minutes, with the FilipinoCupid mobile app! We don’t wish to get cheesy about that, but our experience in dating websites allows us to understand the high commercial value of a mobile app.

You can chat and browse on the go, to avoid time consumption. It’s precisely what dating apps are for, after all. Then, picture yourself on a business trip, receiving mute notifications from your new exclusive Platinum account on FilipinoCupid. Isn’t that a goal you would like to fight for?

Contact Information

  • Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd
  • Address: PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726, Australia
  • Phone: (07) 3186 8448 (Australia)
  • E-mail: [email protected]


Have you fallen in love with the Philippines? If you are ready to meet a bunch of wonderful women and men from your town, FilipinoCupid may save the day.

There are a lot of extremely hot chicks waiting for you. Also, many US men are really fond of the Filipino look, and they can afford to pay for those chicks just to have a chat with them. The real world is big, and it usually makes it hard to find real mates. Hence, why not take advantage of the Internet? Good luck!

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