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Age isn’t the limit for loving hearts, and CougarLife dating site proves it every day. It’s the matching platform for women who have achieved everything they wanted in their lives, and now they’re ready to share their feelings with young men. The website connects singles from around the world since 2006 – the Canadian company established it to help lonely people find love.

More than 500 000 users visit this platform every day, and the number of audience counts around 7 million people. But is CougarLife worth your attention? Let’s dive into the relationship world and determine whether this dating service is the best option for singles.

CougarLife Website Design

The website of this matchmaking platform looks pretty stylish and modern – it’s even hard to believe that you’re in the right place. If you visit other services, you see that most of them don’t have anything unique or attractive. But here, you won’t find bright colors or irritating details. When visiting the website, a user notices minimalistic designs and high-quality photos.

If you’re a newbie on the platform, don’t be afraid to miss some important information. CougarLife provides all the necessary details on the home page. Appropriate sections contain the data that explains why single mature women are the best match, and why cubs should pick older ladies. Everything you need to know about the provided features is placed on this page too.

Signing Up at CougarLife

Signing Up at CougarLife

CougarLife registration process is incredibly easy – a user only has to dedicate a few minutes of his or her free time. Other platforms require many steps from a future member, and it may be inconvenient to fill lengthy forms. This service limits the registration process to a few main details. Your account will contain two main sections, including your cabinet and personal data.

The account consists of such details like your email address, name, and secret password. By the way, here, you can use an alias – no one will tell you that it’s cheating. An intriguing nickname awakes interest in your profile. At this stage, you can also upload your photo, but it’s Ok to check the platform before you download one. CougarLife allows members to choose images later.

Personal details will tell other members about your appearance and individuality. This section is very important, as it contains the main elements that help singles attract each other online. Share the following details:

  • Gender.
  • Eye color.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Hair color.
  • Height.
  • Body type.

After you add all the demanded information, consider writing a brief greeting. Then you should check the provided details and agree with the platform’s terms. Now, you’re a member of this matchmaking service.

CougarLife provides singles an opportunity to tell more about themselves. You can describe what you usually do in the evening, write about your hobby, and many more. This information may be a good signal for another person – many couples have the same interests.

CougarLife Search Features

Although CougarLife has paid features, the search process is free. Once you’ve registered and passed the email verification, start looking for your perfect match. The platform allows members to check their potential partners and users who have been online recently.

How to find an ideal match here? Your choice may depend on nationality, age, and appearance. And in the section “Find your date for tonight”, members of the platform apply more specific filters. For example, it’s possible to set the location preferences so that the website will show you matches according to this factor. You have an opportunity to pick a person who has uploaded private photos or is online at this moment and has free time tonight.

It’s possible to adjust search filters and focus on your preferences. Members also use keywords to find appropriate profiles. All in all, a user has to set filters every time he or she wants to search for a match – they aren’t saved here.

Communication at CougarLife

Communication at CougarLife

This relationship platform has a rather convenient field for communication. Members enjoy all the perks of features provided by CougarLife. Very often, dating services offer members helpful messaging options to support the connection between singles. And this website isn’t the exception. It has both free and paid features – pick the one you like the most to finally find the partner who’ll appreciate you:

  • Flirt option. Facebook has “Likes”, and CougarLife has a nice alternative for those trying to show interest in another platform member. Send “Flirts” to inform another person that he or she attracts you. This feature is available even for members with standard profiles. But if you want to extend your dating opportunities, consider paying for additional options to upgrade the account.
  • Gifts. The Priority Mail feature allows you to communicate with other service members and express interest by sending special symbols. It’s not a free option, so get prepared for covering the cost of a gift you’re going to pick to demonstrate your feelings. If you decide to use this feature, you can get access to hidden private photos by sending a request.
  • Chatting with other members. This feature works like systems of many social media sites – you exchange messages with other people. And this option helps singles get closer to each other and find out whether they’ve met a perfect partner.
  • Message Me. It’s also an excellent communication feature, but it doesn’t let you enjoy all the perks of sending different pictures or symbols.

You don’t have to be a genius to learn how to use this website. You can use either free account features or pay for additional options that essentially boost your experience on the platform. With the second variant, you have an opportunity to exchange photos with other singles. It’s a nice experience for both cubs and ladies. And the priority messages feature allows you to stay on top of all the connections of a person you like.

CougarLife Mobile App

Many platform members prefer using the mobile application of CougarLife. It’s the best chance to get acquainted with an interesting person on the go. With the application on your smartphone, you can send messages to a single woman or young man from another country and stay connected through distance.

Users download the application from Apple Store and Google Play Store for free, and it makes them love this dating service even more. If you’ve seen the website, there’s nothing new for you in the design or interface of the program. The mobile version has the same palette and features – it may be convenient for people who got used to searching for love with the help of computers.

CougarLife Free Membership

Are there any interesting features available for free on CougarLife? Like other dating services, this platform doesn’t offer many unpaid effective options for singles. Here’s a list of features available for users who decide to use the platform for free:

  • Registration. The signing up process doesn’t require any payments.
  • Profiles. You don’t have to pay if you want to create an account on this website.
  • Personal images. Upload photos for free to demonstrate the best qualities of your appearance.
  • The search process. A member doesn’t have to transfer the money to use this feature – you can find a partner for free here.
  • Some profile photos. If images aren’t hidden, you’re allowed to view them.
  • Flirt. Send special symbols to emphasize how much you like the chosen person.
  • Profile information. This data is available for free so that a user could check what stands behind another member.
CougarLife Paid Features

CougarLife Paid Features

Of course, the free membership doesn’t let you enjoy all the unique features of this relationship platform. It’s up to you which variant to choose – both of them may work well depending on your goals. For example, the free membership is a practical choice for those striving to look around and understand how everything works here. And paid features essentially improve the user’s experience on the matchmaking website. You get access to the following options:

  • Send and check the received messages.
  • The features of priority messaging.
  • Send special gifts to other members.
  • Stay on the top of all the connections of a person you’re interested in.

CougarLife Pricing Scheme

If you want to get all the perks pf CougarLife, then you have to consider getting the platform’s currency – credits. A member can pay for a subscription that covers different periods. And the sum of credits you obtain depends on a variant you pick:

  • If you buy the subscription that lasts for one month, you get 100 credits. It costs $40.
  • Choose three months, and CougarLife will give you 500 credits. You’ll have to pay $87.
  • And the one-year subscription costs $144. It brings 3000 credits.

Paid membership uncovers all the advantages and helpful options of this relationship services. Of course, it’s possible to meet someone special here without a subscription, but your activities are limited. What if you miss an ideal partner who could become the love of your life?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid CougarLife Membership

No doubt that you have to know all the pros and cons of the subscription you’re going to pay for. These details will help you figure out whether you need all the options. Take into account the following information when thinking about paid membership:


  • There’re no limits in communication – you’re allowed to send and read all the messages.
  • Show your feelings by giving virtual gifts.
  • Send and receive private photos.


  • Prices may seem to be rather high.
  • Is CougarLife a Safe Option for Singles?

All new members must pass the email verification process to prove they aren’t scams. CougarLife uses special protection measures to save visitors from unpleasant situations connected with a data breach. Of course, you also have to be wise and avoid strange people on the platform. Don’t transfer the money to their banking cards even if they say that it’s important.

CougarLife Customer Support Quality

If you have any questions or need some help, contact the CougarLife support team. You can either fill the form on their “Contact Us” page or choose one of the provided phone numbers to call them. Caring managers will give you the necessary information and help you cope with the problem.


As we mentioned, this website is designed for experienced women who have successful careers, and now they want to find love. CougarLife connects ladies with young passionate men from around the world. This website is a nice option for singles – it has a user-friendly interface, attractive design, and helpful communication features. And the fact that millions of members try to find love here proves the reliability of the service.


Does CougarLife offer free membership?

This relationship service offers free options, including registration, the chance to view information about other members, and the search process. But other features like Priority messaging and virtual gifts are available for money only.

How to register on CougarLife?

When signing up, you have to provide a few important details – email address, name, and strong password. After this, answer questions to attract a person you’re dreaming of.

What are the CougarLife credits?

Credits are a special CougarLife currency. You get them after buying subscriptions – for one, three, or twelve months.

Is it safe to look for a partner on CourgarLife?

CougarLife checks each user who registers on the website. And if you notice strange activity, inform moderators. They’ll help you solve the problem.

How to delete the CougarLife profile?

Visit the section “Delete account” and find an appropriate button to cancel membership.

How many CougarLife members are there on the website?

The audience of the website counts around 7 million singles from around the world.

What if I don’t want other CougarLife members to find out my personal information?

You’re free to skip some personal questions. No one will make you tell some private details that uncover your individuality.

Are there CougarLife scams on the platform?

If you notice that someone tells strange things, asks you to transfer some money, or tries to cheat you, it’s better to stop the conversation. Moreover, you have to inform moderators about this profile.

Can I exchange messages with other CougarLife members for free?

It’s a paid option, and it becomes available only if you buy a subscription.

How long should I wait for the CourgaLife approval?

It takes only a few minutes to register on this matchmaking platform and get the approval.

How can I protect myself on the CoulgaLife website?

First of all, it’s necessary to create a strong password for CougarLife. Secondly, avoid strange profiles, don’t send any personal data, and refuse to send money to other members.