Swingtowns Review

Swingtowns Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 28-32
Beauty 65%
Profiles 85 100
About Site
Visit rate 5.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • An easy to grasp interface
  • It has a wide sexual preference to reach
  • It is pretty affordable
  • It has fantastic safety measures
  • Its search feature is hard to grasp
  • Profile interfaces are limited
  • Its website is riddled with catfish accounts

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In an online world that people do not need to go outside anymore to get what they want, ranging from clothes to shoes to even food. Now users of the internet can get anything they desire on the internet, so certainly dating cannot be left out. These days we have so many online dating services. However, today we will be checking Swingtowns and how legitimate it is.

How Does Swingtowns Work, Really?

Swingtowns Review

We all love to swing both ways, but most of the time, the problem is that there is hardly a dating website that can fulfill our desires without looking cringe-worthy. Luckily those were the older days as now we have Swingtowns. Signing up for Swingtowns isn’t hard one bit.

Like every major online dating service, this website is on the World Wide Web, so you merely Google it and get directed to the website’s main homepage. You then proceed to the sign-up section to see about six fields that you will be required to fill. Fill these fields to the best of your ability and as honestly as possible too. In doing this, you will be asked to fill in a working e-mail address and send a verification e-mail to complete the sign-up process.

Click on the verification code, and you will be granted access to your user interface on the main Swingtowns website. Once you are here, you can search and get matched for free, but you need to pay for a subscription package if you desire to use the chat feature. So not flinch too much as it is quite affordable. On doing this, you can chat and enjoy Swingtowns.

Swingtowns: The Sign-Up & It’s Login Process

Swingtowns Sign-Up & It’s Login

The Signing up process takes just a few minutes, so you don’t have to worry that you will spend hours trying to fill in endless questions about what turns you on or off like most online dating platforms do these days.

All you got to do in essence is to ensure that you fill in your basic details to the best of your ability and verify your authenticity via your e-mail address by clicking on the link that the Swingtowns team will send you upon registration. You can now login at your own pace or ease whenever you feel like. Be happy because you are now an official member of the Swingtowns website.

How Is The Swingtowns Profile Interface

A lot of dating sites these days don’t look up ways to offer users a unique interface direction, and it has been a scourge in the online dating world for quite some years except a few exceptions like Tinder and Biker Planet. Sadly this is not different in the case of Swingtowns.

The Swingtowns interface is nothing really that you have not seen before, as this is quite limited in features. If you are a website interface enthusiast, this might come off as a lazy attempt at design. It has a blog like a look that comes off aa hazy, but you must ensure that you make the most of your limitations as this is your ticket to a fellow member’s good graces.

You can also be texted via your user interface with relative ease by fellow members, so ensure you do an excellent job with all of these. On the plus side, the Swingtowns dating profile sets up a proper alley for you to get introduced to a fellow member, and if you play the cards right, this could be a start of something seamless and positive.

How Is Matching/Communication On Swingtowns Done?

Swingtowns has a working matching system, and on a day-to-day basis, matches are sent from time to time on the website screen and can be refreshed as many times as you truly desire or want. However, it is worthy of note that you need to be subscribed to text a match that you find on your Swingtowns page. Be polite and calm as hesitation could turn off to a fellow member you find via this well-coordinated matching system. If the fellow user is impressed, you can proceed to converse with the said user. Also, ensure that you don’t get blocked as this is a handy feature for pesky subscribers to Swingtowns.

The Swingtowns Audience Structure and Activities

Swingtowns Audience Structure and Activities

One of the original online swinging dating websites was founded in 2002 by a group of business-savvy partners. Swingtowns has always looked to giving members comfort, ease of service, and a quality interface to get freaky and naughty. Swingtowns has a population of over ten million subscribers, of which three million are active member logins in every other month to benefit from the numerous perks of being on such an awesome yet flirty interface. This website has an average of one million new users every year too.

  • Geographical Locations

Swingtowns, as an online dating service, is available worldwide to a wide array of users. However, like a dating website, it is primarily the United States centered as that is where most of its users are based. Swing towns is a swinger site and one known for sexual experimenting.

It is little wonder why the bulk of users are from the US as not only did it originate from there, but their people are known to be more open to swinging both ways that any other nation in the world. However, since the turn of the millennium, it has been growing at such a rapid pace. It doesn’t deny any country access as it is not nation-specific like a couple of its alternatives and competitors in the online world.

Swingtowns Users Age

There are rules all over the world that state that minors should not be exposed to explicit content. It is taken very seriously in the United States of America, where Swingtowns has its main usage. As such, the website has a strict no minor policy.

Swingtowns is versatile and accommodating as anyone can use this online dating website as long as they are over the minimum age of eighteen. The early twenties of a user is the perfect age as Swingtowns is not a site where members are looking to walk down the aisle at the end of the conversation as it is in its true sense, virtually a hookup site. It has a strict no minors’ policy that it strives to protect as it abhors the fact that some minors could lie about their age and benefit in the numerous pros of the Swingtowns website. It has strict checks periodically in which it deletes catfish accounts with relative ease.

Swingtowns Sexual Preferences

It is open to every sexual preference or orientation out there, as Swingtowns is not known to judge the user’s tastes and mannerisms. This website is thus known for experimenting. It has gained wide praise and admiration from the binary mainstream, including gays, lesbians, transgender people, and its all-inclusive service that does not leave anybody due to his gender preferences. Also, Swingtowns has one of the most prevalent pansexual communities on the World Wide Web.

Race and Ethnicity Info

This is open to all races and cultures as its only condition is that you loosen up and are ready to swing both ways as you please as this website is not for the dull or lily-livered. Hence it caters to all kinds of ethnic groups such as Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and Latinos without a hint of partially for a given race. As an organization, Swingtowns denounces racism and discrimination; it kicks out members found out to partake in this horrible act as they are not welcome in the community. It has an all-inclusive mantra that it strives to defend.

Religious Orientation Of Swingtowns

Swingtowns is open to all religions of the world as all it wants is for members to loosen up and ensure that they enjoy the wealth of chatting options available via this fresh and clean swinging platform. It is unlike Christian Mingle and matchbox in the sense that it does not cater to simply just one religious’ orientation. It detests discrimination and punishes strictly any member that it finds guilty partaking in such an act. You can report illegal activities you view on the website, too, as it doesn’t allow for religious propaganda and bigotry.

What Are The Unique Features Of Swingtowns?

Swingtowns  Unique Features Of Swingtowns

As a dating website, this has quite some has unique features. On Swingtowns, you can proceed to video chat with new friends. You can search for couples and singles that you want to hook up or swing with. You have a super-accurate match setting that gives you an array of new matches each time that you visit that part of your timeline. It has algorithms that make the search process easy and accurate as feasible.

Swingtowns Matching SystemThe matching system on this website is very accurate. You will be matched based on the things you attributed at an initial stage on this website hence why you must fill up the details in all honesty and poise, it sends you results based on your location, and it does so with such a frequency to ensures that members are kept happy. Furthermore, it follows users’ suggestions to improve their services as they can be contacted via the contact us section.

  • How To Search On Swingtowns

You go to the search toggle, which is right up the website screen and you can scroll up to it with relative ease. When you do that, you simply click on the search toggle that is denoted by a small microscope, after which you will see a couple of filters. Tune the filters to what you desire, and you can now get what you want. Swingtowns has unique search algorithms that help a user get what he wants with enviable accuracy. You click on the search result’s profile and viola; you can chat with the found member as long as they respond cordially.

Is Swingtowns A Safe and Secure Dating Website?

Swingtowns Safe and Secure Dating Website

Safety measures on this online dating website per excellence are fantastic. On this website, your safety and security are well taken care of. If you want proof of that, you can simply check out the awesome online reviews that give members a glimpse of the awesome services rendered by the Swingtowns team. It has passed many security checks over the years, regularly getting certifications from the best of the lot. It ensures members are happy and safe at all times when they are present on the website.

Is Swingtowns Legit or Scam Service?

As an online dating website, it is very legit. Swingtowns, as a brand, has been serving the requisite swinging sauce since 2002 with a divine drive to please users and make them feel like spending hours swinging and finding new ways to tickle their fancy. It ensures members are left satisfied, and it more than not gives members value for money as a World Wide Web veteran Swingtowns abhors scammers and catfish accounts.

Subscription Types and Prices On Swingtowns

Swingtowns Types and Prices

Swingtowns has two types. You can either pay or use the site as a free subscriber. The payment packages include:

  • 1 Month $15.95
  • 6 Months $8.16/month (45% Savings)
  • 12 Months $5.75/month (61% Savings)

Free Membership On Swingtowns

Yes, there is a free member option on the Swingtowns interface as members are not required to pay a dime before they can be granted access to their user interface like some of the websites that purport to offer the same services. However, you cannot chat as a free member via the Swingtowns medium.

You can search, you can get matched, and you certainly will get matched, but you cannot chat up until you subscribe to a payment plan. Don’t worry; nobody will force you to part with your money as you will subscribe when you notice what you are missing.

Yes, there is a paid membership option on the Swingtowns website, as this is the real deal in the whole process. On Swingtowns as a paid membership account holder, you can now chat, you can get excellent matches with enviable frequency. You can search with relative ease, and you can even unsubscribe whenever you feel the need to, or you just lose the website’s vibe and its intricacies. Paying for a subscription is the smartest thing to do, and even so, paying for multiple months at a time as once you pay for multiple month renewal would be cheaper as time goes on.

Swingtowns: The Ease Of Use and Design

Swingtowns Ease Of Use and Design

The website design is quite basic, and it feels like a throwback to the early Facebook and blog website days. However, it ensures that members are not left wanting in any given area as toggles are visible in its seemingly basic design. Besides, widgets are very useful and handy as they are well arranged to provide members minimum fuss in their dealings on this platform. One of the merits of having a throwback website design is the spirit of nostalgia that this evokes for users and people trying to get love on the site. The developers had that in mind while making it. It is easy to enjoy this website, so why not enjoy it?

Does Swingtowns Have A Mobile Application?

Swingtowns Have A Mobile Application

Swingtowns has a very decent mobile phone application that services members that aren’t big on the whole website either thingy or that are always on the go, so they require something sharp and fast. It is available on iOS app stores and Google Play Store for iPhone and Android users alike, and it is easy to download as it does not carry too much space on devices thanks to the developers.

This is better than the website in terms of user reviews, as it is ultramodern and easy to grasp. It is well-reviewed and properly made. It also offers frequent and well thought out upgrades, which usually follow members’ suggestions to give such an application a happy go lucky feeling at all times.

Contact Information

Company: Street Ink Corporation,

Address: Florida, United States of America

Final Thoughts

Swingtowns Final Thoughts

Swingtowns is a unique, fun, and playful website that enables members to swing both ways and enjoy the comforts of a private and exclusive dating website. The Swingtowns team is every vigilant and progressive as they ensure that they give users the best services in record timing. It is a dating website steadily on the rise, even if it needs a few improvements. It has incredible safety and security measures that put a member’s heart at ease.

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