SwapFinder Review

SwapFinder Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 30-32
Beauty 80%
Profiles 2 455 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick sign-up;
  • A lot of adult pictures;
  • Many features;
  • Live cam and tip service available.
  • There's more pornography than dating commitment;
  • The interface is too busy, as it's hard to understand how the website works.

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How Does It Work?

It’s difficult to answer—we would need an ebook to draw all the features available within SwapFinder. There are many similar hookup websites online, where the sexting and the pornography sections are usually more significant than any possible real hookup goal.

You won’t be disappointed by poor content, that’s for sure. Even if you don’t speak English and don’t live in the US, UK, and Australia, you can access the website, take a look, and have everything translated in your language.

“What is the point?” you may ask. Well, we haven’t found a real fil rouge, yet. What we can claim for sure is that you name a feature, and SwapFinder has it.

Would you like to meet people? You can use the browser or the automatic match-maker feature. Would you like just to stream adult videos? You can.

You can make some extra money with them as well.

You can share your ideas within blogs and forums. Listen to the expert and learn some useful tips about online dating. Send private messages, set dates, and share your private pictures with individuals and the community.

There are adult games, as well as porn movies. There’s no filter for nudity and obscene content to have both amateurs’ and professionals’ porn.

You can send gifts and likes to people, even to random people.

That’s why there’s no room enough in a single review to list all the features that SwapFinder has.

Have you ever played Second Life? Imagine a whole parallel world, which core business is sex. That’s SwapFinder. The swapping business is just a pretext, without any doubt. As you are probably here to understand more about this popular hookup website, read on, and we will get into more details.

Sign-Up & Login Process

SwapFinder Sign-Up

You have an email address and some fantasy in usernames, too, we suppose. Then, and go for the main page of SwapFinder. Time to sign-up!

See the blank form? Fill it with your email – it needs to be a working one, as you will be verified through username, sex, and partner’s sex. You will be asked about your age, and you need to be an adult to stay here.

It’s done—no more information, no more verifications. They will lure you in until you subscribe; that’s how it works here, so there are no more awkward questions.

It’s time to create a profile.

Profile Interface

The profile creation is compulsory; you can’t just come in and lurk. You have already selected your sex and our partners. Now it’s time to tell them who you are looking for.

Are you a switcher? Are you looking for a party with interesting people? The latter’s a metaphor, no decent dating or asexual amusement is allowed here. So, compile the required details and move on. You need to describe your body type and your partner’s, and your ethnicity, as well. If you like to, of course, if you are planning to post a profile picture, that will be evident, anyways.

And then it’s done! You can skip the profile picture if you are wary of promoting your real face into a foreign environment. Wise choice. Time to dive into the deep spires of this mysterious website.



The first thing you will see as soon as you are inside is bodies: bodies everywhere, especially the anatomic parts which are usually hidden. Here, nudity is not a deal, and if you are already feeling horny about that, be sure that SwapFinder will definitely turn you up.

You will never get rid of those images, no matter which section you are going into. But back up a little, and let us show you accurately how the many chat functions work.

First, there’s the real chat. You will see the cartoon bubble on the top left of the screen. See that small orange notification? It’s the webmaster, telling you some easy and quick steps to get comfortable with the busy SwapFinder’s interface.

You will find yourself at home if you are planning to stay enough time. If so, try starting from this admin’s message. Click on the notification and follow the instructions. You will then see how the chat is made—no instant messaging, just a mailbox. You can archive the messages within different drawers, so you can remember which hotties have written to you, and which friends.

Keeping in order is no big deal, and SwapFinder itself will help you deal with it. So, where’s the instant messaging? Go for the top right of the screen. You will see a small “IM” icon, and that’s it.

Another useful communication is the “community” tab. Feel free to look at all the blogs, magazines, chat rooms, etc. What about the live camera? Easy. “Live” tab, and you will all set.

No matches will be performed, but you are encouraged to use the “Cupid” function, which you will find in several different places. One of them: on the left, below your profile’s section. The Cupid feature works with an algorithm that matches what you like with other users’ information. The crossing over of the two factors produces the final result: featured profiles selected just for you.

Members Structure and Activities

SwapFinder Structure

There are millions of users. The actual active members are a few thousand. So, be wary of such high numbers, especially if the website’s owners are sharing them.

Most of the members are naked. It’s hard to tell who they are because we can’t say if the information within the profiles is real, or if they are just making up stories.

We know for sure that there are faking attempts and that the website advises you against them. You are strongly encouraged to report whichever suspicious activity you will find online, and the fakers and scammers will be immediately banned.

We have already mentioned the activities you can partake in, let’s give them a quick look: the public chat rooms—the blog and magazine. The “what’s new” section is right below the profiles on the main page. Like a newsfeed in a popular social network – a very nasty one – it shows members and loads of content.

Now it’s time to know who the users are.

Users Age

It’s usually hard to tell which the average age is, especially when people keep on subscribing and unsubscribing. Here on SwapFinder, it’s even more difficult, as little to no personal picture is shown.

Or, at least, more private pictures are shown. So, there’s no telling on what the average age is, and we can’t rely on what people write on their profiles. Our recommendation is to go and take a look.

Sexual Preferences

From a shallow analysis, we can tell that the average user here is straight and that there are more men than women. There is also a 20% roughly of homosexual men, and an equal number of heterosexual women. There is also a high ratio of sex workers, who try to make a living out of SwapFinder.

Race And Ethnicity

Name an ethnicity, and they will show you a catalog of it. The wide SwapFinder’s mantle covers every possible corner of the world, and every possible morality is consequently dismantled.

Don’t be afraid of running out of your favorite ethnicity, just because she has dumped you in the chat, and now you can’t find anyone quite like her within the browser: a lot of members do not indicate their ethnicity! So, you may find by chance another similar body type, without the search engine optimization provided by the website within the Cupid browser.

Religious Orientation

Not a religious place, at all. Not that there’s a funnel at the entrance, but if you are deeply religious, it may be hard for you to find a soul-switcher here.

Our recommendation for religious people is to find themselves a bright spot where to shine, like a branded website, where religious views are on the main course, or where blogs do not talk about funny vibrating objects – like it happens on SwapFinder – but more about faith facts.

SwapFinder Dating Website Features

SwapFinder Website Features

There’s no way we can write everything down. The website’s interface is really crowded, and everything looks overwhelming like you have been thrown inside another world. Are you planning to stay here for a long? There’s plenty of stuff to do, and all of that within the main toolbar!

You can find here: adult entertainment, chat, users’ browsing, private instant messaging, chat rooms, the blog, the SwapFinder’s magazine. Maybe you have spotted that small “bling” section on the bottom right of the screen. The “blings” are like motion images, like gifs you can send to other users.

Then, on the left, the “your stuff” main toolbar’s tab is repeating itself: here, you will find all the notification and lists account-related.

So, you will see who you have found hot, who liked you, who you have liked, and so on. No matter if you forget where a feature is hidden: use the “search within the website” function if you manage to find it. Or just: ctrl+F.

Safety & Security

The privacy policy and security measures are just average. No big leaks occurred within SwapFinder during the last years, so you should not be concerned about them to happen now.

Bear this in mind: dating websites and social networks are usually targeted by hackers and scammers more than other online environments.

So, even though the security measures are generally high, you may find yourself in stressful situations, where only your own judgment will save you from cons. Never switch your brain off!

Is SwapFinder Legit or Scam Service?

For instance, this is not a totally fair question. A better question should be: is SwapFinder what it claims it is? Actually, it’s not a dating website. Few users are there to get a date or even a hookup.

The vast majority of them are here just to have a live cam, a chat, to find some adult entertainment and a nice picture of an unknown guy from the other part of the world.

SwapFinder will not steal your money, as it can’t do that unless you give them your credit card details. If you want to be deep inside a porn-style environment and use all of its features, then you should subscribe.

While you subscribe, make sure you don’t tick unwanted boxes, and no con will be performed. Also, remember to unsubscribe a few days before your membership expires. This way, only you won’t be charged.

Remember that those websites usually have a non-refund policy. So, no scam. Just respect the rules.

Subscription Types and Price

SwapFinder Types and Price

There are two main subscription types, the gold membership and the silver one. Either way, you will have far more privileges than with a free membership. Let’s see them from a closer look.

Free Membership

By a free membership, you will luckily be able to sign-up and to create your profile. You don’t even need to verify your email address or phone number!

Then, you will be able to answer to Gold users who are writing to you, because they have paid for your presence here, as well.

Then you can take a look at the live cams, but you will have a limited time here. You can partake in the magazine and blog sections, as well as chat rooms.

The website will try to lure you into a paid membership from the beginning of your SwapFinder’s journey, so you will see all its benefits once you have signed up. Let’s see them together.

Prices, first. A Silver membership is $39,95 for a month, $80,85/3 months, 239,40/12 months.

With $107,40, you will allow the free members to contact you whenever they want, and that’s the Gold package. Does it look expensive? Please consider that it’s valid for a whole year.

You can write to other users, participate in cam sessions, see all the users’ pictures.

Website Design and Usability

It has a simple design. Still, the interface is really busy—pop-ups, add-ons, ads, third parties’ websites. It’s pretty hard to tell at first glance where the features are and how many they are.

Some features repeat themselves in the main toolbar and within the sidebars, making everything even more redundant. Then, it’s hard to tell where’s the border between members’ activity and the website’s interface.

It is not the most user-friendly place in the world. But the camera quality is not bad. Good camera quality is required to be here so that you won’t be bothered by poor-quality images.

The design is old-fashioned. What’s left of the website design is lumped by notifications and random profiles.

SwapFinder is quite a labyrinth, indeed. Maybe you just need to get used to it, after all.

Mobile Application

There’s no mobile app available for SwapFinder, at the moment. We suppose the obscene and nude content makes it impossible for the developers to keep it into the app stores. Still, you can use it from your mobile browser. It’s not that much mobile-friendly, so we recommend to use it from your computer, and cut loose.

Contact Information

Company: Various Inc (within the US), Ventnor Enterprise Limited (within the EU)

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008 (US); Suite 2, Second Floor 145 High Street, Colchester Essex C01 1PG (EU)

Phone: 888-575-8383 (US), 0800 098 8311(UK), 1800 954 607 (AU)

E-mail: n/a


You can’t be fond of SwapFinder at the beginning. It looks like a place of wonders, ok, but only if you are ready to deal with adult and very hot content. People are shameless, here, and as a sex realm, everyone is showing his/her private life. If you are looking for a decent place where switchers wear masks, like in Eyes Wide Shut, you are not in the right place.

Imagine a mix between Porn Hub and Facebook. Stir it and add people, notifications, random buttons, repeating features.

If you think you can stick to this parallel reality of sex, feel free to sign-up, take a look, and maybe to avail of a membership. It’s not a place that you will forget about soon.

Now, we hope that you have found everything you needed within our fair review. All we can say now is: have a good adult experience!

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