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Lovestruck Review

Lovestruck Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 900 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Strict verification of profiles
  • The site offers free messaging and search options
  • It shows the last time a member was active.
  • The site contains no pop-up ads.
  • Instant messaging isn't available
  • Delayed profile/account verification
  • Even though free you will need to pay if you are from certain countries or you stay in metropolitan cities.

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Lovestruck is a dating site specifically for single professionals that are seeking serious relationships. Created by Brett Harding in 2006, the site has come a long way in helping busy single men and women find their soul mates without having to forgo much of their activities. Lovestruck achieves its goal in amazing ways and that has helped its growth since it was created.

In 2010, Lovestruck launched its app to make it even easier for its members who are always busy to stay in touch with their accounts with having to sit by their system. Lovestruck is a part of the Love Group Global which also is the parent company for some dating sites. The site ensures that its members are authentic and real which is why it makes use of the manual method of reviewing and verifying profiles. Also, it uses social media verification to further prove the authenticity of users.

Aside from the online platform where you get to meet a lot of single users like you, there are also off-site events that will require that you meet other busy singles. This way you increase your chances of meeting someone that interests you. While it’s not available worldwide, Lovestruck is available in over 14 countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and part of Asia to mention few. If you are wondering what other things you stand to gain from the site as a single professional, then this review has all that you might want to know about Lovestruck.

Lovestruck Review

How Does It Work?

Lovestruck is a free dating site where busy single professionals get to seek other single professionals in the hope of committed and long-term relationships. It understands that these particular sets of people have little time to socialize in a conventional way due to workload, traveling, and responsibilities. Which is why Lovestruck allows them to meet online and socialize without having to pay a dime. It provides advanced search filters to members so they could search for users based on what they prefer to see in their matches. It also provides personal matchmakers for members and you get dating and matching advice from them.

Sign-Up And Login Process

Registering on Lovestruck is very easy with simple steps that won’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time. To join Lovestruck, an individual must not be younger than 18 years of age. It you match these criteria then, all you will need is an active email address and a valid phone number. While an email address is common among dating sites, the inclusion of a valid phone number is to add another level of verification for users when signing up as a confirmation SMS is sent to the submitted number. If you can’t receive the SMS, an alternative given by Lovestruck is the in-person verification.

The good news about the verification is that it is not mandatory to do it during registration, it can be saved to a more convenient time. Aside from creating an account through your mail, you can make use of your Facebook account.

During registration, you will be asked to indicate your gender, the preferred age range of your match as well as sexual orientation. From this point, you can choose to sign-up via your Facebook account. This will mean that your basic information will automatically be taken from your Facebook account.

If, however, you decide not to register through your Facebook account then, a new window will appear on the screen. Here, you will fill basic information like your first name, date of birth, and mobile number. Upon submission, an access code will be sent to the provided number.

One downside to not registering through your Facebook account is that without the phone number verification you won’t be able to continue with the registration.

After the verification, it marks the end of your registration. You will be asked to give certain information about yourself on your profile; your profession, location, expectations, and many more. When all that is required is submitted, your profile will be placed under review for about 36 hours as it will be manually checked by the administrative of Lovestruck. After the stipulated hour, your account will either be approved or rejected.

Sign-Up And Login Process

Profile Interface

Profiles on Lovestruck are those of real-life people. In a bid to prevent fake profiles and scammers, Lovestruck employed a strict method of verification and even though it might take up to 36 hours to get your account approved, it’s worth it. There are two options for verifying your profile, one is through SMS sent to your mobile number, the other is in person method of verification. If you would prefer, verification can be done at a much later date.

Without getting your profile approved, you have limited access to the features present on the site. Actions like, liking profiles, adding profiles to your Favorite List as well as chatting with other members cannot be performed. Verified users have Verification Badges on their profiles and to every social media account, such members have checked.

Furthermore, you can see the last time a user logged in on Lovestruck through the profile. As you can write date ideas on your profile, you get to see others’ date ideas. If impressed or interested, you like the idea and ask such members out to engage in that specific date idea. In addition to this, the Facts and Figures section is where the physical description, marital status, level of education height, industry, income, and so on are stated. Since providing this information is optional during registration, some members may decide to leave it blank. Just below the Verification Badge, Lovestruck suggests profiles of other members to you based on the profile you are viewing. So, if you like a profile, you can browse through the suggested profiles to view users with similar qualities.

Matches And Communication

Lovestruck doesn’t have a matching system, instead, it looks at your activities in providing you with daily matches. Also, its search options are very unique and are available without a cost to all members. The search options can be used to filter your search when you indicate things like ethnicity, physical appearance, Industry, interests, education, and lifestyle. Another way of reaching out to members is through the Keyword Search option. This search feature allows you to search for members based on a specific word on their profile.

Furthermore, since Lovestruck is an LGBT-friendly community, members can run the same sex search just the way straight users could, and if you would prefer not to see some profiles again, you can hide them from appearing on your search result.

Admittedly, Lovestruck doesn’t offer diverse methods of communication. The ones present on the site are however free for people in small cities but users in metropolitan area have to pay to do this. Aside from messaging you can send winks to members to show interest in them.

Matches And Communication

Members Structure And Activities

Most of the members on Lovestruck are young adults within the 23 and 36 age brackets. These members are singles who are seeking a committed and long-term relationship on the platform. Since profession and responsibilities have made it somewhat hard for them to socialize physically to find like-minded people as they want, they sign-up on Lovestruck to get something serious started. Since online date could cut-down on their physical presence, members meet with other singles who stay or work close to them easily without changing much of their routine.

Membership on Lovestruck isn’t limited to straight men and women only, members of the LGBT community are also present to find singles that share not just the same sexual preference with them but also have similar goals and complementing traits. Surprisingly a very huge number of users on Lovestruck hold a strong belief that attending Laissez-Faires parties is a productive and effective way to mingle with other singles in which they would eventually find the perfect match they are looking for. The male-female proportion isn’t too uneven with its 55:45 ratio. Even though members tend to be busy with their jobs, they are, however quite active as Lovestruck boasts of about 36,000 daily logins on average.

Users Age

To become a member of Lovestruck, you must at least be 18 years of age. Nevertheless, the majority of members are within the age range of 23 and 36 for both males and females.

Sexual Preferences

Lovestruck is open to all sexual orientations. It doesn’t only cater to heterosexual men and women, it is also an LGBT friendly platform. This is one of the reasons the same sex search is allowed.

Race And Ethnicity

Regardless of your racial identity or ethnicity, Lovestruck is less concerned. It sees every member as one from the human race and treats them equally. Racist comments can lead to getting your account suspended on Lovestruck.

Religious Orientation

Although members can indicate their religious bias and that of their preferred match during a search, Lovestruck doesn’t discriminate against any religion. It accommodates both the religious and the non-religious. However, members cannot use their account to propagate any religion as this will be against the Term of Use.

Religious Orientation

Lovestruck Dating Website Features

Lovestruck has features common to other dating sites. Functionalities like, search option, Favorite List, like a profile and messaging are prevalent in most dating sites. However, Lovestruck has two special features that make it stand out. These features don’t only better users’ experience but also make it easy for members to find partners.

Laissez-Faires parties

These are events where singles gather to have fun. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown party, it could just be a meet-and-greet, a couple of drinks, hiking, and any other fun social thing you could think of. This helps singles find a suitable partner even as quick as using the site.


This is an exclusive feature where a team of expertise in matchmaking gives one-on-one dating and matchmaking advice. This doesn’t only prepare singles for the transitioning, it also encourages them. The Matchmaking service as well as other special features on Lovestruck are absolutely free.

Safety And Security

One of the perks of using Lovestruck is that it cares for users’ safety. This is one of the reasons why it employs strict verification method during registration. It also does a review of members to find out profiles that don’t match the Term of Use. Members’ information is well protected and you are only required to give information you feel comfortable about giving out.

Also, your activities are neither posted on your social media account nor can it be traced or seen by any third-party.

Is Lovestruck Legit Or Scam Service?

Since inception, Lovestruck has strived to connect busy single people who are interested in having committed relationships. It has done this effectively and efficiently and that has made it a king in its own lane. Lovestruck is a very legit site that doesn’t only help singles find relationships but also go out of the way to help build the relationship while creating a fun and all-encompassing community.

Subscription Types And Price

Here, we will discuss the types of memberships that are available at Lovestruck. Since this differs from dating site to dating site, it is however important to point out the distinctive membership features at Lovestruck.

Free Membership

All the features on Lovestruck are available free of charge right from the start, you can create a profile for yourself and verify your account. After your account is approved, you can upload pictures and browse other people’s profiles. If you are impressed by a profile you see, then you can like such a profile and even add to favorite if you don’t want to contact the user right away. In a situation where you couldn’t find any profile that interests you, then, you can use the search option to narrow down your search.

Also, you get notified if another member viewed, liked, or added you to their favorite list. But if you don’t want other members to know you viewed their profile, you can browse incognito. On Lovestruck, you also get a personal matchmaker consultation and many more, all without a cost.

There is no paid membership on Lovestruck. All features and functionalities are equally accessible to all members. This is one of the

Paid Membership

Website Design And Usability

The web interface for Lovestruck dating site is simple and straightforward. It doesn’t look too flashy or overdone as it uses neutral colors like black white and gold throughout the site’s design. It also doesn’t make use of a funky or overly informal font that is often time not easy to read. Instead, it uses a plain font with a font size that is very clear and readable. This helps users in reading from the site without having to squint their eyes.

Even with the simplicity of design, Lovestruck looks very classy and sophisticated. The features on the site are well-organized and segmented. Also, the site doesn’t contain annoying ads or clickbait that could not only be distracting but also frustrating in the long run. Users’ concentration on the site is retained not only with the appealing design and well-organized look that makes navigating through the site easy. Lovestruck’s site doesn’t need much bandwidth which means pages and sections load very quickly without stalling.

Regardless of the screen size or device, you are using to access Lovestruck.com, the website’s automatic reorientation adjusts the site to fit the device you are using perfectly. With this, you get the same feeling and sensation when you access the site from any device.

Mobile Application

Lovestruck having understood that professionals sitting by their PC chatting with people all day might seem very improbable. This is the reason the Lovestruck app was created to serve as a backup to the website version. The app is made so as on-the-go users will not be constrained when it comes to accessing their accounts, whether to reply to messages or to perform any other activities. The Mobile App is light-weighted and even after collecting much data, it doesn’t take up much space on your phone which means it can stay on your phone without it affecting what other things you might decide to add to your phone’s memory.

Aside from the fact that the mobile dating app is convenient to use as it can be used anywhere at any time, it also presents the features on the site in a more accessible format. It gives a nice touch to chatting and viewing other members. As if that isn’t enough, new members can sign-up from the Mobile App. You can provide all the necessary information and also do the verification through the app.

Also, Lovestruck Mobile App is designed in such a way that it notifies you with a vibration when you are close to a potential match. It uses your phone’s GPS to do this. If however, you wouldn’t like to be traced, then, you can turn this function off. To cut down on the language barrier, the Lovestruck mobile app has multiple language options. Users can choose between English and Traditional/Simplified Chinese. The app is available for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store, however, it is only compatible with iOS 8.0 and above as well as android version 4.1 and above.

Mobile Application

Contact Information

company: Love Group Global

address: 20 Cecil Street, #05-04, PLUS, Singapore 049705

phone: (+65) 9642 4376

e-mail: https://dating.Lovestruck.com › contact


Getting someone with like mind can be somewhat a herculean task these days, especially due to the busy life some people live. Which is why Lovestruck caters to help them find love even with their busy schedule. It accommodates all sexuality and also organizes events where single professionals get to mingle. Members on Lovestruck are seeking serious, committed, and long-term relationship, so if your goal doesn’t align with this, chances are you will get frustrated by Lovestruck.

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