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Fuck Marry Kill Review

Fuck Marry Kill Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 26-35
Beauty 58%
Profiles 136 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A cool and intriguing way to search for matches and dates
  • Super fun
  • Singles can get out of their comfort zones to explore excellent date options
  • Signing up is quick and effortless
  • Stylish layout
  • Intuitive use of app and user-friendliness
  • Highly responsive and friendly members
  • An essential set of functions are at no cost
  • Paid features are largely affordable compared to other online dating services
  • Many users are likely to have no photos on their profiles
  • A bit vicious
  • No desktop version
  • You can't sign up if you don't have a Facebook or Instagram account
  • No search option
  • No choice- you have to rely on the matching system
  • Not suitable for serious-minded persons
  • Limited payment options

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There are countless dating sites as of today. Thanks to the advent of technology and the amount of leverage the Internet provides, there are now dating apps. An excellent example of such is Tinder, the highly famous and renowned dating app. Currently, there is a new dating app. It is especially for the ones who have a particular preference for other features that Tinder probably lacks. The Fuck Marry Kill (FMK for short) is the new dating app. It is the app version of the game, Fuck, Marry, Kill, where you offer your playmate an insanely impossible choice of three people who must choose to fuck, marry, and kill. Fuck Marry Kill, unlike Tinder, shows the users three different photos where you are asked to decide which one you would fuck, marry, and the one you would kill. It is glaringly a crazy action and decision to make. With the new app, all fingers point at the fact that “killing” is figurative. In this review article, we will discuss everything about the Fuck Marry Kill dating app and review its features, pros, cons, and use.

How does it Work?

Fuck Marry Kill Review

The app is as its name implies; you meet three people (profile) or better put, three different profiles come up according to your desired or preferred gender. You then have to select which of these persons you want to sleep with, marry, and kill. In essence, the dating app provides a way of checking yourself (doing self-assessment) to determine your rating. You will get to know how much people want to fuck, marry, or kill you. And immediately, you can figure out the category you fall into. You get matched by the app with the people who are thrilled by your person. You can then proceed to chat with them if you wish to. Candidly, the Fuck Marry Kill app (FMK) is an interesting transformation of a social game into a swiping sensation, which finds itself in the online dating context.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Fuck Marry Sign-Up & Login Process

To join the community of fun-lovers, signing up on Fuck Marry Kill is simple and incredibly seamless. It takes less than a minute to get on board. Download the app on Google Play. You’d get it for free. Then, create a Fuck Marry Kill dating profile. You can link your Facebook, Instagram, and e-mail address. You’ll be asked to supply your birth-date, gender, preferred gender of your match, and at least one profile picture. Immediately you get up and running with your profile; you can start playing the game. You will see real dating profiles of people who are the perfect match for your age, location, and gender. Since you would be asked to link your social media account just to validate some details such as name, age, gender, and other few things, registering or signing up is quite easy. Meanwhile, you have to be more specific about your sexual preference and say some words about yourself.

Profile Interface

On the profile, you will find three photos stacked on each other. Tap on them to assign each to their respective Fuck Marry Kill categories. If you wish to see the entire profile, just if you are not too sure about someone, press and hold on the photo. Upon receiving a match or message, you’d get a notification.

It has loads of offers for modern singles, and the membership base is expected to grow even larger over time. Also, an enormous degree of activity is expected at the same time. It is given that the Fuck Marry Kill app especially rewards very active users. These are the ones who log in every day. They get perks, winks, boost, and free access to more profiles. On the profile page, the information is not that detailed. You have to identify other members by their first names, ages, and profile photos. You can add your respective universities to afford you a greater chance of getting matched. Nonetheless, the profile interface is organized.


Being a fun game, it would suit dating too, don’t you think? Imagine having an app where you could play a game and find a potential mate- to fuck or to marry. And in case you wonder where the “finding love” part comes in these shenanigans, the truth is, Fuck Marry Kill is the only way to get a combined date, fun, and game experience. Though a little vicious as a concept, it’s all fun and games. The catch is this: As a single who want to bang or for the ones who want something serious, you can tell your intentions upfront and make them known each time you are matched with someone. In communicating, you’ll get engaged in some questions and answers which are fun to play. In these pastimes, you’ll answer questions from your teenage friends and other members. The kind of hype and excitement is now evident in the dating scene.

Members Structure and Activities

Fuck Marry Members Structure and Activities

It is an absolute brain teaser that friends can use to pass the time, entertain themselves, find dates online, and start conversations. It would be more fun to think of it as just fun rather than overthink about the game. Any single person you are matched with, let’s say with the “marry” option, won’t just outrightly go on their knee to propose. The same way, the fuck option too doesn’t mean it’s an obligation to have sex. And in this game, there is no actual killing. Matching only happens if the two users have matching votes. Once you are matched, you can exchange direct messages with the other party. As a user, you can customize and filter potential matches based on their gender, location, and age. To be matched instantly, you can send a wink. But bear in mind that this comes at a fee.

Users Age

As it stands, Fuck Marry Kill appeals to a large audience, especially the 20,000 + individuals who are single and are tired of the conventional means of swiping. They want to try a new fun way to meet people. The design is incredibly eye-pleasing. The colors are bright, cheerful, beautiful, and alluring, suggesting a playful and fun mood. Navigating the app is simplistic, and you can get a grasp of what it entails in a short while. Since the whole idea of the app is to inspire members/users to act based on intuition and dump anything extra for the moment, the majority of the Fuck Marry Kill users are in their late teens or 20s. They are majorly college students and active Instagram users, too.

Sexual Preferences

Fuck Marry Kill Sexual Preferences

As a game, now being made available on an app, it reveals many details about sexual preferences. It says much about their peculiar taste in other gender and their priorities. Anyway, even if you are a homosexual person, you can register on this site because it accepts gays and straight people.

Race and Ethnicity

As a globally recognized dating app service, the issues of racial and ethnic discrimination are non-existent. The service is available for every category of persons- wherever you are from, and whatever ethnicity you identify with.

Religious Orientation

It is for singles that are feeling playfully romantic. The ones who do not have any serious relationship goals in mind. It is such an excellent way to have fun and identify the kind of romantic involvement they deserve and desire at the point of their lives. And as it were, it borders not on any kind of religious controversies. But, if you are a religious person, you should better find another site.

Fuck Marry Kill Dating Website Features

Fuck Marry Kill Dating Website Features

The Fuck Marry Kill app is straightforward and fast-paced. It is purposely suited for enhancing conversations and encouraging connections. Create a free account in less than a minute and play the game. You’d get to play and have fun with people who share a similar sense of excitement, especially in the world of online dating. If misleading information is found on any user’s profile or if there’s an obvious misrepresentation of identity, the Fuck Marry Kill’s team will not validate the application, or they may end up terminating such an account. And since players make subjective decisions, the dating concept is amusing, especially owing to the different tastes that we all have.

Safety & Security

Fuck Marry Kill Safety & Security

If you desire a better and more thrilling experience, you can take up the University Challenge. That way, you will compete against other universities to see which of them has the hottest alumni and students. If the hottest school has a rating of 86%, link your Fuck Marry Kill profile to your school. Invite your friends to join, too. With this, it is only proof that the app is safe and highly secure for its users. Whether as an existing member or an intending one, you have nothing to worry about as regards your safety and security. The idea of restricting the sign up to the social media accounts is purposely to ensure that every member on the platform is genuine. Also, each applicant’s profile is reviewed manually, and that makes it thorough and great, requiring users to use their original details alone. Another interesting thing about the Fuck Marry Kill dating app is that even if you logged in from a third-party app, Fuck Marry Kill would not post on your social media accounts. So, there is nothing to worry about, especially concerning linking your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Also, this is a way to secure the eligibility of the user’s profiles.

Is Fuck Marry Kill Legit or Scam Service?

Fuck Marry Kill dating app is largely approved in the legal stance. It is for singles aged 18 and above who wish to have fun. So, no ulterior motives. Just fun. Play and be matched with someone.

Subscription Types and Price

There are some additional features for paying players. Since the app would like to make the Fuck Marry Kill experience more exciting, it means the owner/company knows that some people might desire a more than essential experience. Thus, there are some paid features for interested players. These are advanced and available for those who are willing to buy a subscription. However, some of these features are still at the beta-testing stage and are limited to selected areas for now. But the ones generally available for people worldwide are: Winks, See who voted for you, boost your profile and P-p power vote.

Free & Paid Membership

There are free and paid features on the online dating app. The first feature introduced by Fuck Marry Kill was “Winks.” These have different price tags. It implies that you still have to pay extra to send Winks even if you have a subscription. You can also buy them as a stand-alone feature without purchasing a subscription. To get a ten credits package, you will be asked to pay 3.49 EUR while 20 credits cost 6.49 EUR. Thirty credits will cost you 8.49 EUR. Depending on the season, the amount of winks you can get for one credit varies, and you can always benefit from various special offers. There are some subscriptions you can take advantage of, too. These types give you special features, and these are quite cheaper as an online dating service. At least, when compared to buying a longer subscription package. The difference is the price is, however, downright impressive. If you do a week subscription, you will be charged 4.99 EUR while a month package costs 2.49 EUR. You will be charged 1.99 EUR for a three-month subscription. And for now, only one payment method is accepted by FMK. The paid features can only be bought with your mobile phone account. Paid features give your profile an advantage over others. That is, non-subscribers have certain limitations as regards reaching potential mates. Meanwhile, sending and receiving direct messages on Fuck Marry Kill is free.

Free Membership

  • Just create an account
  • Send and receive messages
  • Play Fuck, Marry, Kill
  • Invite friends
  • See who’s voted for you
  • Send a Wink
  • Power Vote
  • V.I.P Membership
  • Boost your profile

Website Design and Usability

It is an app. The theme of Fuck Marry Kill gives you tons of reasons to play games and use the app. The Fuck Marry Kill app boasts of an average rating of 4.4 on Google Play. It is an indication that many people find it quite fun, accessible, and suitable for its purpose. Many reviews claim they love the app for the fun of it and its nice interface. Many tech-savvy singles admit that the app has a lot of potential as a dating type to bring more excitement and flirtation to conversations on the Internet. Thereby, they can make matches aware that they are interested in having sex potentially or getting married. It removes every iota of guess games and replaces it with a matchmaking game sense of things. The Fuck Marry Kill world is experimental, open to new users, and somewhat quirky. It makes it ideal as a dating environment for singles in the mood to flirt.

Mobile Application

Fuck Marry Kill Website Design and Usability

The app was launched in 2017. And as a mobile invention, it is only currently available on PlayStore. That is, for Android users alone. The approach is simple. And the usability is impressive. The dating app has an urban design, and though it seems somewhat overwhelming for new and older users, it is easy to navigate and explore.

Contact Information


Address: Edifício Altejo, Rua 3 da Matinha, 101, 1950-326 Lisboa (PORTUGAL)

Phone: N/a

E-mail: [email protected]


Fuck Marry Kill Conclusion

FMK is a new dating app where you can meet new people and share Fuck Marry Kill’s fun. Whether you want to get married or the one-night-stand, you can also join the site. If you have tried sites like Tinder and Bumble, you might want to try this too. A user’s choice may vary based on what values they are placing their decisions. It also applies to the FMK dating app. The Fuck Marry Kill new dating app is all fun, and if you are lucky enough- you might find love or lust from there. The new dating creation is charming and allows you to meet people in a playful and fun manner. Whether you want to use Fuck Marry Kill for the fun of it or to meet new people, you will never go wrong either way.

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