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Christian Connection Review

Christian Connection Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 86%
Popular age 25-35
Beauty 75%
Profiles 670 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A long-lasting and working religious-oriented website, for all the people requiring it;
  • Easy sign-up process;
  • Highly-detailed profile information;
  • Decent place.
  • No verification process is performed on incoming users.

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How does Christian Connection Work?

Before launching a “Christian connection” search within your browser, there is a thing you should know. It’s not a Christian sept born in 1800. Wikipedia page may confuse you with that information, so please note: Christian Connection is a working and very popular dating website, born at the beginning of the new millennium, so relatively younger than the other one.

It gathers people who believe in Christian identity and crave for a niche where to find like-minded individuals. The goal? Make people meet, date, and create a family.

What will you do here? You can sign-up for free, create a profile easily, also for free. You can then chat with strangers who you have selected just by reading their profiles and seeing their posted pictures.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Christian Connection

Signing-up to a religious movement is not that easy, for sure! It will take you literally a minute to register to Christian Connection, if you remember your ZIP code correctly, and your birthday.

Go to the main Christian Connection webpage, skipping the Wikipedia page about the C.C. movement raising at the beginning of 1800. If you don’t mean to be rude and consider this a form of acquiring knowledge, save the Wikipedia page later. Now, it’s time to meet new people!

Click on the “sign-up” button, and fill in the required fields.

You should provide your e-mail, first and last name, password and phone number, one at a time. No verification will be performed, the mobile phone is just a helpful notification service: when you receive a message within the website, you get notified by phone. You will be guided through all these steps, until the very end: the profile creation!

Profile Interface

Christian Connection Profile Interface

Now that you are inside the community, a not-so-easy part is coming: the profile creation. Well, it’s effortless if you talk about the process itself, but if it’s your first tie on a dating website, it takes some time.

Every person has his/her strong points concerning character and habits. We should not remove ourselves to please the world, but some character flaws affect our overall morality, so they should be removed.

It’s up to you to decide whether you would like to tell them within your profile. Other people will get to know you anyways, and they will grow on you, eventually, so they will find out those things you are reasonably trying to conceal.

Getting along with each other is difficult in real life. Here is a giant dating network; it might be easier. But you should really take care of your profile description, avoiding heaviness or false declarations.

So, you will be asked some closed-ended questions, first where do you live, then your marital status. Once you have selected this one, a widescreen will appear, with quite a long list of Christian movements. What is your faith tradition? Are you a Catholic-Charismatic, a Methodist, from the Missionary Church, a 7th Day Adventist, a Southern Baptist, a Quaker, a United…? You can avoid categories and go for a “just Christian” tag or a “prefer not to say” one.

Time for your ethnic background! It’s the same thing, another closed-ended question, so you might feel like goods in a supermarket, but that’s how it works. It’s not meant to be discriminating; it’s just a source allowing members to narrow their researches once they are online.

The looks are essential, especially if you are planning to date, somebody. That’s why they are asking you that much information. Proceed, and there we go—the open-ended question. Who are you? What makes you special?

Take some time to write a good one. That’s not it, you still have to select a picture, tell them what you would like to do in the future, and have lived somewhere else. Then, what influence does the church have on your life? You can skip all those if you prefer to think about it and check who’s online to read those private statements. You’re all set now! Let’s go to the website.


Christian Connection Profile Matches/Communication

Now that the hardest part is gone communicating will be a piece of cake. See all the profiles listed under the “home” tab? You can click on one of them, randomly. Now, check the two tabs: you can chat with them or wave at them.

If you are a free user and are on your 5-day trial, you can only send out five messages per day. So, wave at who you like, but save your messages for the crucial conversations!

Now that you have opened a profile, you will see how all those fields you have filled in before are displayed within a profile.

The interface helps to make all the personal descriptions less heavy – this is our take – than it looked during the sign-up process.

If you would like to show your current conversations, go to the “messages” board on the top left of the screen, and your mailbox will be displayed.

Another form of communication, the right part of the menu toolbar: here, you will find the meetups (online), the blog section, and the “boards.” The boards are just chat rooms, where you can partake in conversations, share points of view, skills, tips, or join faith discussions, as well.

You can’t feel alone, here on Christian Connection. The website’s commitment is to be more than a dating website. It can become a community for you if you let it in.

Members Structure and activities

Christian Connection Profile Structure and activities

There are roughly 120.000 online members, and you can easily check on the profile when it was the last time a person was online. This feature helps you plan to have a conversation with someone, avoiding unpleasant ghosting and unanswered messages.

What about the users who are now happily married, thanks to Christian Connection? Just go to the blog section, or do a quick online research. The website was launched in the UK in 2000. Since then, it has gathered millions of Christians from all over the world.

Thousands of them have met, and have created a stable pair, thanks to Christian Connection. Having such a popular domain, it helps. But they would have lost everything if they hadn’t been able to manage all the users, betraying their trust or using low-security measures, or cheating on payments. Name it, and you will be sure that Christian connection has avoided it like the plague. They are working on trust-worthy, reliability, and a good working environment. Hence, the high number of members is just a reflection of it. Let’s now see how the audience is composed at this moment.

Users Age

Let’s say that there are people of all age groups, from the youngsters, whose ratio is the smallest, to the +45. Then, there are some elder people, 65+, but the vast majority of online members belong to the 25-45 age range.

It’s impossible to track the average age down and draw graphics about it, as the users’ number keeps changing. If you have found your soul mate, there’s no real point in being there for more time, so the turnover is pretty high.

Sexual Preferences

Christian Sexual Preferences

We were quite surprised while we were registering when they asked us which was our sexual preference. Aren’t all Christians straight? Christian connection allows homosexual and bisexual people in, as well.

There is no judgment over this setting, but we must say that we could not find any homosexual person online in the end. Nor a bisexual. So maybe it’s an inclusive setting, but not many people are using it.

Race and Ethnicity

There are many Latino girls and guys, a lot of middle-aged Caucasian, and young African Americans. There are quite a few other ethnicities, but still, isn’t the person more important than the skin color?

And then, aren’t we all sons and daughters of the same being? So, ethnicity is just the physical shape of something which fades out as soon as you are struck by love. Let’s move on to our favorite paragraph now, which is religious orientation.

Religious Orientation

Buddhist. Are you surprised? Joking, of course, everyone here is Christian. Many people are skipping the definition of which Christian group they belong to: on their profiles, you will just find a “just Christian” description.

If you take the religious rites of the US and overlap them with the religious description on Christian Connection, we suppose you can find the USA. Impressive, for a dating website, to have such a sociological value.

Christian Connection dating website features

Christian dating website features

See all the profiles listed under the “home” tab? You can click on one of them, and see the profile closer. Now, check the two tabs: you can chat with them or wave at them.

If you are a free user and are on your 5-day trial, you can only send out five messages per day. So, wave at who you like, but save your messages for the critical conversations!

If you would like to show your current conversations, go to the “messages” board on the top left of the screen, and your mailbox will be displayed.

Another useful way of communication: see the upper toolbar? You will find the meetups (online), the blog section, and the “boards.” The boards are just chat rooms, where you can partake in conversations, share points of view, skills, tips, or join faith discussions.

Then, you can search for users using the magnifying glass option. You will be able to apply a funnel to your research, and it will get even better is you are a paying user.

Those are all the features you have at your disposal here on Christian Connection. If you click on the profile section, you can edit your profile, profile picture, and notification settings. Feel free to check the “subscribe” tab as well. It will allow you to upgrade your membership and to become a paying member of the community.

Safety & Security

What about the privacy policy? It’s time for you to learn something about the so-called free social networks and dating websites: they need to make a living out of their work.

They are not a charity foundation, and they have not built all of that for free users’ sake. Even if you are not paying them, you are earning your free membership with your data.

Data is the future. Imagine how much can a marketing agency or services company make from aggregated data. If they know the consumers, they know the market, and whenever they make a move, they win.

So, here we go: your data is sold to third parties. It’s not illegal, and you will likely find all the details related within the Privacy Policy, which of course, you should read before you subscribe to anything.

If you have missed it, go to the main Christian Connection page and read it aloud. Given that the webmasters protect your data from other users and keep them aggregated, this means not related to your name and credit card details.

You will also find average security measures online.

Pity that no verification is performed on incoming users. Still, we have encountered no scammers here, and you can read within the blog section some useful tips about online security.

Is Christian Connection legit or scam service?

Christian Connection is totally legit. It’s not a con, and the only complaints possible are about 1) Users who were not able to find anyone. Sorry to say, but it happens; 2) People not entitled to refund who were asking for refunds. You should check the conditions before subscribing.

Subscription Types and Price

Christian  Connection Types and Price

There is only one type of paid subscription, although we have found the free subscription to be pretty good. If you are a chatoholic (no, not a Catholic), you should really avail a membership, as the daily messages limit is 5, with a free membership. Let’s see the membership-related features more in detail.

Free Membership

You can wave to people as much as you want, but you are entitled to only five messages per day, as a 5-day trial member. You can also sign-up, create a profile, browse users, check on their profiles, be noted in searches.

You can do everything, but a membership might enhance your online presence. Let’s see how.

Christian  Connection Paid Membership

You will be able to see at a glance who’s online. It will save you a high amount of time, that’s for sure because a lot of profiles are not active, and a lot of people do not check their profile often.

Then, unlimited message-sending. This feature does not allow you to be pushy or -worse – cheesy. So, behave!

Last one: you will have priority support. All that for $16, if you subscribe for one month, $32/3 months, and finally $48/6 months.

As you can see, the latter is the cheapest, but it’s an investment.

Website Design and Usability

Christian  Connection Design and Usability

You can’t possibly get lost on Christian Connection. There are not that many features, and all of the available ones are very easy to understand. If you are a newbie, you can read this review carefully and use it as a whitepaper.

The design is minimalistic and modern, and the interface is not busy with tabs, buttons, and ads. Then, you won’t get flooded by users’ messages.

Let’s say all the interface is highly usable, and the user’s experience is enhanced by it. We have already mentioned the profile section where the personal description is displayed: no heaviness here. It shows us how well psychology studies and marketing got along with each other.

Mobile Application

Christian  Connection Mobile Application

An Android app and Apple app are now available! Look for “Christian connection dating” on your Appstore. They both work flawlessly, and you shouldn’t encounter any issues. You have access to almost the same functions as on the browser.

You can access a mobile browser version of Christian Connection. It will be mobile-friendly enough to let you chat on the go. A mobile app is available at the moment.

Contact Information

Company: Widernet Communications Limited

Address: The Pillbox Studios, 115 Coventry Road, London, E2 6GG

Phone: n/a



There’s no big deal if you haven’t decided yet. Does Christian Connection fit you? Then, it’s time to test it and to subscribe for free. A decent place, where decent people gather, with the plus of religious belonging. Who could ask for more?

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