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AfroIntroductions Review

AfroIntroductions Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Popular age 28-35
Beauty 60%
Profiles 420 000
About Site
Visit rate 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are more than 4.5 million users;
  • The sign-up process is easy and quick;
  • The website performs strict security controls over suspicious IPs, and consequently blocks profiles;
  • The design is cutting-edge.
  • There are many scammers, people with more than one profile, people who chat only to ask for money, and so on. Be wary of them.

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How does it work?

It’s a regular dating website, with all the dating website’s core tools: a chat, a people browser, a profile area, a newsfeed. The only difference between any other dating website and AfroIntroductions lies in the brand: here, you will find an African beauty to meet.

That’s quite a long way from America to Africa, but you can afford it to meet that wonderful young guy or lady you have found here. Let’s see how it works, more in detail.

AfroIntroductions Sign-Up & Login Process

AfroIntroductions Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process is effortless, and it won’t take you much time. You need to consider: don’t even try signing up if you are a robot or a scammer. Or a person who is not willing to upload a profile picture that respects the website’s standards. In a few words: you need to be honest about your identity. They are not asking you about your credit card number – not yet – but they need to track your activity online and to know that you are not up to something bad. After all, they don’t perform background controls over criminal records.

Now, go for the “sign-up” tab on the top right of the screen. See that glowing pink button? Now look for the “new member” tab, and there we are.

It’s time to choose a username and a password, then your gender, sexual preference, and age.

Please note that the sign-up process may take 48 hours, so if you plan a trip to Africa, make sure you do everything on time.

Profile interface

Profile interface

Click on a user’s profile, and you will see all the fields you have filled in before. Everything looks less formal once displayed within an interface, doesn’t it?

You can edit this profile section as many times as you want, but make sure everything is honest and decent, as the controls performed over profiles are severe.

That’s all that you need to know about profile creation and editing. You can find many useful tips online on how to make a good description of who you are. Before you get started, just some advice: don’t trust all the information people will give you through their profiles, here on AfroIntroductions.

A lot of users’ reviews complain about people creating multiple profiles. They start talking a bit with you, they earn your trust, and then they ask you money. You won’t see them on camera, as they claim they have broken it recently. Let’s not consider them scammers, because if they are asking you money, they need money. They are not offering you something strange or unusual. You can deny and go on. So, check their profiles before chatting. This will avoid a huge time loss.

Communication & Matches

AfroIntroductions Communication & Matches

There are not real matches occurring on AfroIntroductions. We mean, it’s not like Tinder, where you swipe and if the other person swipes you back, a match is done.

Here, you can select every profile which appears as a search result or within your homepage. You can chat with everyone if you are a gold user, but unfortunately, you can’t contact non-paying users.

The only way you will chat with that wonderful ebony chick is straightforward: availing of a platinum membership.

As a free member, you can just stare, click somewhere, and crave for a nice talk with the amazing people you see, but who you are not sure will wave you back. Keep on pledging for their attention, and maybe you will be lucky.

Members structure and activities

AfroIntroductions Members structure and activities

There’s a balanced ratio between American and African people. Talking about nationality, it’s usual that users coming from the US start a long trip to find their beauties in the hug African continent.

According to the reviews, some users eventually pick to stay there for good! Africa is a wonderful place to stay in. Nature is dominant. There’s the desert, immense forests, rivers, immense waterfalls, amazing animals.

Poverty depends from country to country. The users moving there have found beauty, here on AfroIntroductions, and they valued the relationship more than their American background.

Or maybe you are an African American who may find your deep roots in Africa and decide to move there? We haven’t found those stories, but everything is possible here.

Users Age

The average age is quite low. Men are mainly in their 30es and women in their 20es. Some members are looking under-aged while declaring to be 18 or more. We can’t tell because they have not provided their governmental IDs to us, but we recommend you ask the webmasters for further checks if you suspect anything wrong to be going on.

You can’t technically sign-up if you are less than 18, but youngsters know how to circumvent those firewalls.

Sexual Preferences

The vast majority of people here are straight. If you are looking for homosexual ebony beauty, this might not be the right place for you.

Race and Ethnicity Info

Well, it’s quite hard to answer this question, as not everyone knows African ethnicities. Let’s say there are a lot of people, girls especially coming from Nigeria and Ghana. Center and West Africa are the central regions, here on AfroIntroductions.

85% of the male population is coming from the US. Among them, roughly 30% is not from an African-American background. So, let’s say this: it will be easier to find a mate if you look for African people. That’s the whole purpose of the website.

If you are African, it will be easier if you are a girl, but don’t even try to scam people or act like a robot, or they will freeze your profile immediately.

Religious Views

Not all people are declaring their religious orientation. Let’s say that we have spotted many Christians and Muslims, and they do not conceal their religion at all. In specific contexts, we suppose religion is a stable form of getting new acquaintances, and sometimes it lets you cross oceans and get along together more than a million hellos.

AfroIntroductions Features

AfroIntroductions Features

Here’s all that you can do within AfroIntroductions: you can search for users from the main purple toolbar. Have you already seen it? Here you can surf the website and check if the function you crave for is already there. You can go for a popular search and see what the users are looking for.

You can also browse people using the funnel tool: it works with search filters, which you can apply to your search. Those will help you select, for example, only people living in your town, or only Ghanese girls, or only athletic guys, and so on.

These filters will apply to the images and profiles you see on your home page. Hence, make sure they are accurate and that you are not lowering your standards!

Then, you can chat and save people you like in a list. You can see them whenever you like, and also tell them you have liked them.

Now, the features that we have not mentioned yet: the extra sections. There are a news section and a news feed, where you can see what is happening globally!

No wars, no pollution, just the constant stream of love and good ebony vibes. Are you already feeling the energy of Africa flowing inside you? That’s time to move forward and subscribe! Don’t rush, though, as you should know more about safety and security.

AfroIntroductions Safety & Security

AfroIntroductions Safety & Security

The privacy policy is average, as the website is regularly selling your aggregated data to third parties. Like all the other social networks and dating websites do, but be sure that your name and credit card details won’t be within that selling.

That’s how they make a living out of dating websites and social networks, and you can’t be surprised about that, not in 2020, after all the technological progress we have made so far.

An overall look at the website shows us that the webmasters have been working hard on it about online safety. They use McAfee as an anti-virus and online security provider. So, take your precautions to avoid any virus or leak from your side, and they will do their best.

What about scammers… As we have mentioned before, there are many scammers, and it’s virtually impossible to get rid of them.

The fact that a free user can’t contact anybody makes only the rich users stay. Also, this creates a social discrepancy between those who have money and those who don’t.

Let’s be fair: if a wealthy person from a rich country meets a poor unknown person from a very poor country, it’s an unbalanced starting point. We can perfectly understand why a lot of American users complain about African scammers, especially girls. There are also users’ reviews from females who complain about perverts asking for their nude photos, so different balances can be called.

Is AfroIntroductions a Scam?

Is AfroIntroductions a Scam?

As you may have guessed, reading this review so far… We consider AfroIntroductions legit. They can’t possibly assure you of a date here. It’s like a counseling session. After all, you pay for a service, but you are not sure you will get even in the end.

Here, you get what you pay for. Namely, quality service and a polished environment. What else? You get working features, a clear and not busy interface.

Then, they are honest about the number of online users.

Ok, well, maybe not all the users are online, but they have subscribed, haven’t they? And, you can check this yourself before paying for a subscription. You may not like the crowd and the interface—we can’t do much about it. This is the free market, and all that you need to do is: AfroIntroductions is not a con.

Memberships and Prices

AfroIntroductions Memberships and Prices

Everyone is born with a free subscription, within the AfroIntroductions generous and welcoming world. You will be able to shape your expectations beforehand.

Think about what a free environment is in the real world. They are free initially, and everyone is trust-worthy, you go out of your home without closing the door and borrow a car from your neighbor…

Now and then, some burglaries will make you feel less and less secure. You’ll start locking things up and losing trust towards people around you. A scammer may eventually appear: he tries to tell lies to people, poisoning the well… He tries to get paid for “services” you have not required. So, economic trust is lost, but you are also more cynic than you were at the start.

In a blink of an eye, the safe space where everyone could speak is ruined, and the webmasters come up trying to replace the safe free environment you had at the beginning with a paid one.

Well, now it’s time to tell you more about the memberships on AfroIntroductions. Follow us.

Free Membership

You can sign-in and create your profile for free. You can edit your profile, as well. Basically, that’s it. You can also browse users to get an idea of who’s online, but you can’t chat with them, so how can you understand if you are like-minded or have some common ground or whatever?

The free membership is good if you are good looking, and you expect a Platinum member to contact you first and virtually pay for your conversation.

Are you unsure about how much good-looking you are? You have two chances: either you do proper makeup, or you go for a Platinum membership.

The two memberships are the Gold and the Platinum one. With a Gold membership, you can search for users with all the advanced search parameters on, and you can go to a person’s profile without being tracked.

Then, more important, you will be able to send and receive messages! No more ads to annoy you during your ebony journey; that’s a given.

The Gold membership’s prices are $29,98/1 month, or $59,99/3 months, or $119,98/1 year.

Then the second one, the Platinum membership: by that, you will get more visibility: for instance, you will be ranked above other members when other members perform a search. This means something if you consider that there are more than 4 million users online. Finally, you will be able to contact free members. It works like that, so if you feel uncomfortable in financing a gold-digger, this may not be the right place for you. Our suggestion? Don’t overthink this feature. You can get a Platinum membership for $34,99/1 month, $69,98/3 months, $149,99/12 months.

Website Design and Usability

AfroIntroductions Website Design and Usability

AfroIntroductions’ design reminds us of other Ecom Holdings Pty’s dating websites. The company seems to care a lot about having a cutting-edged design, and they are strongly committed to users’ security online. The usability is pretty high, as you understand immediately, where are the menus, the features, and how to interact with other people online.

Ok, maybe it will take you a little more time if you are not a digital-native, but no big deal, we assure you that they are user-friendly enough for everyone’s needs.

Mobile Application

Write your African-American love story in just a few minutes, with the AfroIntroductions’ mobile app! We don’t wish to get sentimental about that, but our experience in dating websites allows us to understand a mobile app’s value.

You can chat and browse on the go, so to avoid a huge part of time consumption. It’s exactly what dating apps are for… Then, picture yourself on a business trip, receiving mute notifications from your brand-new exclusive platinum account on AfroIntroductions. Is it worth your time? Are you ready to dive in?

Contact Information

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd

Address: PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726, Australia

Phone: (07) 3186 8448 (Australia)

Final Conclusion

AfroIntroductions Final Conclusion

Have you fallen in love with this African American world? If you are ready to meet tons of wonderful women and men from your town, AfroIntroductions may be the right fit.

There are a lot of extremely hot and sweet guys and chicks waiting for you. If you wish you could find a hot guy or chick just sitting on your couch and browsing and chatting from your phone, you can take a look at this peculiar website and give it a choice. All that’s left is to wish you: good luck!

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